serious tag delays

7:00 PM Monday, September 03, 2007

I was tagged by Mama Christianne almost a month ago, but am only now attending to the meme.


~ she makes the meanest chicken mac salad, champorado, sotanghon soup and hot cocoa I know (actually she cooks a lot of other things she's known in our family for, but these are the only ones I really love)

~ Mom grew up poor and never got to shake off that poverty-ridden feeling, so she's always bent on saving money and absolutely isn't comfy about treating herself to anything really nice

~ Mom loves kids and animals. She's a born nurturer. (weirdly enough, she wasn't particularly warm to us)

~ She had a long-time boyfriend before (an engineer) that my lolo didn't approve of. He was very strict with her which is why...

~ She got married at age 29... to a pen pal at that (ang corny talaga ng love story ng parents ko!)

~ She learned to drive at age 57, but will only be getting her driver's license at age 59 :)

~ She was a teacher (a very strict one at that) before working for the government (CSC, Personnel) for around 30 years.

~ She loves dancing and singing! She lives for ballroom dancing and videoke!

~ She's always been partial to my brother, believing he needs her the most, always picking up after him, etc... our greatest source of tension.

~ She spent all her retirement benefits to finance my nephew's treatments before... for which i'd always love her more.

Now... anybody up for the tag, just do it :)


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