Destiny KTV

2:20 PM Saturday, October 18, 2008

Destiny KTV (channel 5 for us) can't help but give me the creeps sometimes. It doesn't stop me from going there though, because it helps with lulling my son to sleep. But I can't help but also get absorbed by all the 'ads' being placed there.

I called my husband's attention to it... lots of men sending their topless pics and giving away their cell number while specifically requesting for "cute, bi males". Some girls specifically request for men with cars. All advertise that they're cute, pretty, good-looking (and although i've seen some cute-looking folks there, I still highly doubt it that they're all really as cute as they think, or sell, themselves to be). Some men would say, "single women only, single mothers welcome". Some will determine an age bracket, or a location. Most demand a nasl (name, age, sex, location) and a picture via MMS. Some say they won't reply if no FS is provided (my dear sister told me that stands for friendster, sheesh).

I still haven't quite worked out what 'bottom' or 'top' is, if it's limited to same-sex relationships and if it implies a butch-femme type of role.

When I told hubs that one can see fetishes there too, like men asking for chubby girls, he was a little jaded. He reckons its only because these guys know that a chubby girl would be insecure and would be more eager to please. He said the same thing about those entertaining single moms.

Which brings me to those looking for "open-minded" girls... (men used to private message me before asking me if I was one, and i'd always ask them to qualify the term because based on my experience, men have generally assumed open-minded to mean into-casual-sex).

What's creepy, then?

Well, I just can't help but think that things will only get worse in time... socially, sexually. Younger and younger (and more) people will be on the net looking for quick and 'open' relationships. Didn't like this one who texted you? Move on to the next one. This one didn't reply fast enough? Move on to the next one. His car is an older model? Move on to the next one.

Not only are kids growing up bored and restless, they are also growing up warped.

And I know I may sound like a hypocrite, having 'met' my husband from chat... but the thing is, I never sought to hook up with anyone from the net. And our courtship lasted for years.

But yeah, I guess, who knows... these people could find a true gem amidst all these bullsh!t.


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