I am not biased at all when I say that my son can be charming. He is and he knows it. So it's not just because my parents love their grandson so much, he also gives them a lot of reasons to really find him cute.

And for the moment, my heart is rejoicing at those moments that my son terrorizes my Mom (mostly because he's so LIKOT and she's so NERBYOS) and he demands my father's attention. And I guess it's partly because he senses we're comfy with these new people and also because he can't help but sense they're family that he's adjusted to them in a heartbeat. My son even insists on being carried by my Dad (after which he'd start pointing to where he wants Grandpa to bring him, which is mostly outside) and allows both to feed him. He's that comfy with them.

And I see my parents' delight in him... their own wonderment at how fast he progresses. I've even told the others not to corect my Dad anymore because he thinks he taught my son the "hala/no" sign.

Its moments like these that I dreamed of before... that I long for when they're away. I'm really glad they're both making an effort now to hang around and enjoy their grandkids. I'm really happy that, in the meantime, my parents and my child are making each other happy.

Somehow, there is healing and forgiveness when different generations collide and bond. And a renewed sense of family.

And now, I love them all the more.


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