For Mistresses and Wanna-Be's

1:39 AM Monday, October 27, 2008

No, am not going to pick fights or pass judgment really (at least, I hope not).

But just in case you're forgetting...

My SIL, in a DVD marathon, had us watch John Lloyd and Sarah Geronimo's flick (A Very Special Love? not sure of the title). Anyway, John Lloyd's character had a line that went something like this:

"Hindi mo alam kung ano ang pakiramdam kapag tinitingnan ka ng mga kapatid mo at ang tanging nakikita lang nila ay ang kasalanan ng nanay mo sa nanay nila."

(You don't know how it feels to have your siblings look at you and only see your mother's sin against their mother)

It may be a stupid or too ideal a plea... but I really hope that men and women alike who would choose to play second fiddle (regardless of how loveless the marriage is supposed to be) and men and women alike who would choose to betray their spouses/vows would also make sure the affair won't result in a child. Or children. Ever.

We've heard of parents wanting half-siblings to play nice and I honestly want to wring their necks for it. And I can't imagine why someone would purposely put any child of his in a position where he'd have to forever defend and fight for his name and legacy (material or otherwise) when it wasn't even his betrayal that brought him about.

These things get to me. I really hate it that other parents don't give their kids a better start on the road to happiness and love.


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