How Sad

5:39 PM Friday, December 05, 2008

My high school batch is holding a reunion this coming January for our 15th year anniversary out of high school. And it depresses me not to have anyone to go to the reunion with.

I mean, sure, I can rake hubs with me... but i'd also rather have some high school friend to meet and hang out there. The last reunion I attended (with hubs), I felt like a fly on the wall while watching all those old faces in their old cliques.

My best friend is somewhere in the Middle East. And the other girls in our clique of four, I don't have contact with anymore. And actually, our clique hasn't met and bonded ever since we graduated from high school.

And my other close classmates in fourth year... they haven't enlisted to come to the reunion this time (I hung out with them at the first reunion, because my BFF did not show up).

Anyway, isn't this sad? I wasn't a wallflower in high school. I had friends. I was not super popular but I was at least known. But having no one to go to the reunion with makes me feel like I didn't have much of a high school life.

Sure, there are familiar names that I could chit chat with, but there'd still be no one to sit with. Sniff, sniff.

And my high school crushie is coming!!! Waaaaaaahhhh........


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