Why Cory Annoys Me

4:36 PM Wednesday, December 24, 2008

Inferno, I didn't expect much from Cory's administration because I believed her government had to clean up after Marcos' regime. Years of corruption brought by Marcos couldn't be undone in half a decade.

I considered her time a transitory one.

But I hadn't expected Filipinos to have woken up from the Marcos nightmare only to fall asleep again. But that's our fault and I digress.

But even when I say that I didn't expect much from Cory, i'd say I was also disappointed that she failed as a WOMAN president. All she ever did was pray but she never really furthered the causes I expected would be dear to her as a woman, like women's issues and education and health care.

Then, she continued meddling with other governments while still not championing a cause I care for. Where was she when farmers went on hunger strike on that matter of Hacienda Luisita?

And my gosh, I really expected her to at least rally her supporters to make Kris stop her rampaging days before.

And then, she helped oust Erap. And now, she says that was a mistake.

Sure, it may be big of her to admit that she's a person able to admit to unsound judgment but still, all she's making me feel is dismay. Dismay for the Filipinos who rallied behind her before. Dismay that all she ever was was a symbol, but not a hero. That all her husband stood for remained a dream with her.

She is prayerful... but a woman of integrity and conviction? Definitely not. So I wish she'd just retire (and be quiet) because only those with integrity should be giving the Filipino people hope.


  1. "...because only those with integrity should be giving the Filipino people hope."

    I'm afraid the Filipino people must remain hopeless for the time being.


  2. Naku sis, nainis din ako. Lalo tuloy nagfeeling tong si erap na wala syang ginawang masama. grrr.


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