Twilight Watched

6:55 PM Friday, December 19, 2008

I actually liked the Twilight movie. Not sure how much the hype it's been generating has affected that, but I did like it. It is kinda weird (perverted, says hubs) that Bella was the way she was but since I was a teenage girl once, I can relate with all the selfishness and passion.

Not sure if I am ready to read the book though. I will admit I was prejudiced against it a little because I loved Anne Rice's vampire books. But a friend did say that I should think of Twilight as a romance series, not a vampire series.

Oh and yeah, hubs didn't like the book as well.

I am looking forward to Rob Pattinson's Little Ashes (?) movie... hoping he's a really good actor.


  1. hi mec, dont bother with the book..i read and got disappointed..(di ko na tinapos) though i read some reviews that the movie is better than the book..the book's dragging. (weird cause usually book is better than movie)..anyway, napa-comment lang hehe :)


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