Tonsillectomy, Go or No Go?

1:19 AM Monday, June 29, 2009

I feasted on powdered milk and sugar yet again three nights ago. The following morning, I woke up to sore throat. The sugar must have irritated my tonsils. And unortunately for me, the sprayer of my Ilog Maria throat spray refuses to work.

And then I must have caught some flu bug because my tonsils just throbbed all the more, and I started feeling sick and sore all over. I also had minor cramping in the stomach. Anyway, I went to an ENT for antiiotic prescription because I was really feeling bad already (and twas painful to swallow anything). He commented on the fact that I just had tonsillitis last February and that I should consider a tonsillectomy already if it occurs anytime this year again.

The truth is, all ENTs have suggested the same to me for the past decade or so. It's not that i'd have tonsillitis all the time, but my tonsils ARE huge already (right now, it feels like i'm choking on them). But I am of course hesitant to go through a surgery, however minor, since it IS still surgery. There is no going back from it.

Plus, we've noticed that my Mom's voice changed and she seems to always be running out of saliva when she's talking after she had a tonsillectomy done. So my sister is understandably against it. But of course, am trying to weigh that against having to take antibiotics 1-2 times a year for the rest of my life just because my tonsils reacted to something I ingested (because there was a time that I wouldn't even drink iced tea because my throat gets irritated readily).

Of course, one can always argue that those doctors are also just hoping to make more money from me. And since the procedure is sure to be covered by our health card, they're apt to suggest it more.

Then again, I also wonder if our health card will still cover everything if I ask for a different kind of anesthesia to be used (because i'm scared of general anesthesia and has nothing but wonderful memories of tramadol).


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