The Jinkee-Manny-Krista Drama

9:55 AM Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Everybody has probably seen the footage of Jinkee crying at the Thanksgiving Mass held for Manny's win, where she turned instead to a friend and brushed her husband's hand away.

And then there's Manny's plea for people to mind their own business and concentrate on his win instead of wondering about whether he is having an affair with Krista or not. In a way, it may really feel unfair for him, after having secured such a glorious honor for the country, to be now embroiled in vicious gossip. But what was that quote that goes something like, "No Amount Of Success Can Compensate For Failure in the Home" ... and affair or not, Manny's home has made a lot of sacrifices to support Manny's pursuit of his passion and glory for the country. So it must really be offensive to Jinkee to have the rumored mistress so near at a time when she alone should be the woman with her husband. It's her duty and privilege. And the game is so public. What shame indeed!

And how dare Krista invoke her right to support Manny, a fellow Pinoy and friend, if ever, when Manny's family's honor is at stake. How dare their handlers make light of the situation and not consider how inconsiderate it must be for the legal wife.

There is that slim chance that Manny is really not having an affair with Krista, that this is all some sick propaganda that they do not really 'kill' to boost support for their movie. But that is Manny's sin to his wife... that he defends Krista's honor and his, but not his wife's.

So Jinkee had a right to the tears, regardless of how much, or little, love there is in their marriage. After all, Manny owes her respect above everyone else, including Mommy D.


  1. Drat, I must living under a rock! I have no idea who Krista is... :(


  2. nyahaha sis... Krista Ranillo is Matt Ranillo's daughter... I only see her sometimes on TV interviews


  3. Totally on board with you here, Mec.

    I've been reading blog posts where people say that Jinkee should just suck it up because she enjoys the privileges of Manny's money - EH ?

    Just because she can afford Birkin bags and Chanel does not mean that she should tolerate her husband's affairs.


  4. sobrang hirap ng situation ni jinkee. hay.


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