9 Days to Go Before Elections

9:35 AM Saturday, May 01, 2010

Shamefully, yes, I am not a registered voter.

I did not take the trouble of re-registering under my married name. Plus, since I have missed two elections already, I doubt I am still in the voting list. Then again, sometimes, the dead still are, so what do I know.

Anyway, I did ask my cousin if she could ask if I am still on the list when she goes to the election precinct on May 10. Because if I still am, then I will go vote.

Truth be told, I am not in love with any of the candidates. But for the top position, I would probably choose among Gibo (who at least hasn't resorted to any mudslinging and has consistently shown he knows his politics), Gordon (because of his achievements) and Eddie Villanueva (because I believe him to be the least corrupt and the least corruptible).

For VP, it may be Binay for the work he's done in Makati, although I despise the "I am only human and make mistakes" bit he said about having had an affair. But the affair, it feels, has really been over and done with. Compare him with Erap and am sure Binay is still considered a saint. Or maybe Fernando, because of the work he's done as MMDA Chairman and in Marikina.

I just want someone who have really done something already.

But I fear that Villar will really be declared President. And already, I have visions of the Philippines becoming a flat land of real estate properties. Gone will be the agricultural lands that feed the many, and in place, will be properties that will make only a few richer. Immensely richer. And Ondoy will become a natural occurence as Philippines is flattened out.

And Noynoy will just be another Cory. If he gets elected, he will never have balls of steel. He will always be dependent on advisers (in this case, mostly his sisters) and nobody will ever be confident in him and his government.

I like Pia Cayetano but since he's in Villar's camp, I am not so sure. Then again, they usually just really work on their own anyhow. It's not like there's a party loyalty here.

For Manila mayorship, it would be Lim, just so he wouldn't remove the lights he has already installed along Quirino and UN Avenue. That's a waste of money, in terms of projects go, but replacing it with just another brainless project will just be a bigger waste of money. So I'd rather it stays. Plus, I think the Atienzas are bigger schmucks.

For pary list, I will choose from among the women empowerment groups. I am still hoping they will bridge the gap a little more in terms of bringing equity about between men and women, in all aspects of society.

What about you, who will you vote for?


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