A Girl Can Fall In Love

11:52 AM Tuesday, May 25, 2010

While battling with hunger yesterday, I got to thinking about how easy it is to fall in love.

And I've met so many men who I could have fallen in love with, or did fall in love with for a brief moment. Sometimes, it's just the tilt of the head. A smile. Something he said. Sometimes, it's a glorious conversation, a grand night of dancing, a great day of laughs. Sometimes, it can even be for stupid reasons like he's not your usual type, or you know you're not his type, or you just wondered how things would be if two creeps got together. I meant freaks. Or weirdos. :)

Because the point is, there are many men with good enough qualities out there. So, a girl can fall in love easily. A boy too. And some do choose to do so while others aspire for more elusive partners, ideals, prizes.

Thankfully, I wasn't a hopeless romantic but a hopeful one.


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