One of the ideas I greatly toyed with while I was lounging in the hammock in Marinduque is whether or not I should push to shift to Wordpress and finally pay for web hosting.

Fellow bloggers earning from their blogs attest to how much easier it is to actually earn, from paid links to Google Ads, when your blog is a hosted Wordpress blog because it is easier to manage content with Plugins. Plus, is not accepting blogger-hosted blogs anymore so any new blog you're going to enrol in their paid links service will have to be a hosted Wordpress blog.

So my assignment now is to finally make that leap. I can start by reading up on website hosting more and learn the costs and work that will be required of me. Migrating old posts may also be an issue so I need to prepare for that. But it's really time I take blogging to another level. Other bloggers have carved out their own niches and generated followers while all my blogs have languished with nary a reader.

Time for change for better blogging rewards, I say.


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