Reunion with Lola

1:18 PM Tuesday, June 29, 2010

I think I am still blessed to have a grandparent living. And the fact that my paternal grandma could tolerate the heat here without employing the use of an electric fan is just amazing... she was even washing clothes and putting them up to dry last Sunday! And she is at least 85 years old, I think.

Anyway, we decided to hold a despedida for them last Sunday, and simultaneously celebrate the birthdays of our nieces and a nephew.

this was taken when they've just arrived, around a month ago

last weekend, the kids enjoying an inflatable pool




sinangag na baka (only in Batangas)

inihaw na tawilis

yummy mangoes

my son playing in the rain

We used to be the little ones gathered in that porch. Lola's house was built the year my brother was born (1979). Now, we're watching our kids play in the yard instead and are the ones doing the cooking and child minding.

The circle of life continues.


  1. ahhh..sis. those food pics make my mouth water. especially the mangoes! there really is no sweeter mangoes than ours!

    Imma Palermo

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