Flirting as a Woman

10:59 AM Thursday, September 30, 2010

As a married woman, my days of flirting aren't necessarily at an end, but less is riding on my ability to flirt successfully. Many of my girlfriends get really frustrated with flirting. After all, the burden of responsibility usually falls to men, but if no one is approaching you, it can seem difficult to change things. As a result, a lot of my friends just give up on flirting but here are a few things I've learned on the subject:

Make Yourself Easy to Talk To

If you want guys to approach you, make sure you seem approachable. If you're at a club or bar with other women, separate yourself from the group. This will make it easier for people to start conversations without feeling intimidated. It's also good to make sure that it looks like you want to be approached. Simple makeup and well-tended clothing will make sure that people know you're not just there to sit in a corner.

Smile and Make Eye Contact

When someone does start a conversation with you, there are little things you can do to encourage them. One of the first things to do is smile and look happy to be having the conversation. Eye contact is just as important, just as it is important to hold that eye contact for at least a couple of seconds in order to develop a sense of chemistry.

Contribute to Conversations

Whatever the conversation is about, speak your mind and give your opinions. Whether it's car insurance or sports, talk about what you know. If you're bored, though, don't keep talking about the subject! You're completely allowed to change the course of the conversation.

Just Make the First Move, Already!

If you still feel frustrated, just start the conversation yourself. Most guys will be flattered, you will feel empowered and you won't be stuck whining about how no one talked to you.


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