Dreams and My Reality

1:47 PM Friday, September 03, 2010

Who here hasn't daydreamed of someday living in their dream home? My fantasies, when I was young, always included a big backyard, an expansive porch, a wrought-iron gate and an ornate address sign on the mailbox.

Then as I grew older, I settled for the usual picket fenced house, still with a yard but not so grand anymore, where we won't be so separated from our neighbors. The only grand things would be a vanity address plaque and maybe a swing set.

But now i'm part of a one-income family, I have resigned myself to just hoping we could afford a condo unit in a good area here in the city. It's just really impractical to subject my husband to long drives. Not only would we be missing him for dinners, he'd also lose bonding time, waste gas, be more tired. And since most of the play schools, shopping, etc. are still here in Manila, it would be more convenient for us to just stay here where it'd be easy to commute as I bring my son to classes. Most condo complex have pools anyway so at least, that's a good exchange for a backyard.


I heard Rupert Grint nicked the number 4 address sign for Privet Drive from the Harry Potter movie set. Hehe.


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