Looking Forward to a Happier Christmas

1:49 PM Saturday, September 04, 2010

I think the last time I had both my parents for Chirstmas was 2005. Since they migrated, it's usually only my Dad who's here for the Holidays (he hates the winters in Michigan) but he prefers just staying in Lipa so if we want to have him for Christmas, we had to have our Noche Buena there.

But now, they're both coming home for the Holidays. Arriving at the end of November, they're sure to be laden with their Christmas presents to their grandchildren here already. Mom has even told me she's bought me soooo many wipes for my coming second child.

I am stoked!

Of course, it saddens me that my sister won't be here so we won't be really complete and she's sure to be crying and missing us that time... but like a child, Christmas really isn't the same without parents.


  1. yay! parents homecoming! that is something to look forward to.

    Hi Mec! first time ko yata dito sa blog mo. didn't know you write for thepoc. well, long time no chat ah. i'm not posting a comment to chat here. natuwa lang ako natagpuan ko blog mo, at ikaw na rin... ulit. :)



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