A Bittersweet Picture

1:56 AM Monday, December 20, 2010

This is a picture of my son hamming it up for the camera, enjoying a lollipop and posing beside his balikbayan box loot.

Note that we got a rainfall of wipes and diapers. I actually really love it when my parents buy these instead of boxes nd boxes of mashed potatoes and mac and cheese because wipes and diapers, I actually really consume. Well, my sons use them.

But this is so bittersweet for me. My mother wipes drool from mouths, messes on the floor and people's bottoms when she changes their diapers for a living in America. So, for her to save all her hard-earned money to buy her grandkids these is really ironic.

I don't know how else to get my sister to be more pro-active about getting a job and being independent so my parents need not worry about her anymore, nor work to support her there anymore.

I also don't know how else to get my parents to stop breaking their backs trying to earn a living where the climate is harsh and the people (even our relatives at that) are harsher.

One other ironic thing is, I actually have to specify what I want my parents to buy for us, otherwise, my Mom will just buy things she thought we'd like and use, which we wouldn't... and it'd be a waste of more money. And it's not like she'd stop buying and sending us stuff no matter how many times I tell, text, e-mail and write her that I'd rather she and my dad save up for their retirement instead. I have even been crass about it... I have told them that I'd appreciate if their affairs are all in order and they wouldn't leave us with debts, should they pass away already, so they really should just save their money. I have also brought up the topic of financing family getaways instead, if they don't want to go honeymooning by themselves. Unfortunately, since they never took us travelling when we were young, it still seems unmanageable for them now.


So, now, I use my kids and our health. I ask for baby stuff and vitamin supplements and toilettries (soap, toothpaste, laundry detergent). I ask them to go to garage sales and get secondhand books and then ask for makeup samples at the mall. I just really wish though that my Mom will cease and desist from stuffed toys. hehe.

I just really hope to be able to love as much as my parents do. And I thank God my parents are still around, not only to enjoy their grandkids, but to be enjoyed by them too.


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