Deathly Hallows Finally

12:18 AM Thursday, December 16, 2010

On one hand, I really shouldn't read so much of the Pinoyexchange thread on this because the comments left by school-age people there can be misleading. Make no mistake, I loved the movie and cried at certain parts but I can also be objective enough and say that, to most people, it must have been a really dragging one.

My husband, a Potterfan, got bored.

I, however, didn't because I was busy comparing the comments I've read and what I was watching. And I think I was also very busy saying goodbye internally.

The highlight of the movie for me was the Polyjuice parts... the 7 Potters scene and when the trio went inside the Ministry of Magic. I think the actors they used (especially for Harry and Hermione) should be nominated for acting awards! They were so hilarious!!!

Oh, I also liked the Tale of the Three Brothers rendition.

And Bellatrix, I mean, Helena Bonham Carter, should really, really, really win an Oscar! She owned the part and was even more scary than Voldemort.

Sigh. I love British actors!

I missed a lot of conversations though... weird.


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