1:04 PM Tuesday, July 15, 2003

I wish to be your eyes
that marvels at the setting sun
or looks at the horizon with a prayer
or twinkles at the littlest joke
and looks on with tenderness for most anything

i wish to be your nose
that loves the smell of vanilla and milk
that wrinkles in gentle disgust over
your rubber shoes after removing them

i wish to be your hands
that loves to play with someone's hair
that often seeks warmth and gentleness and comfort
and gives the same

i wish to be your lips
that curls up in that cute little pout
or sends shivers with a lingering kiss
or speaks volumes in every breath
and gives with it the sound of a voice
able to lift spirits

i wish to be your heart
a humble one, a hopeful one
a true and loyal and child-like one
and spare you from the pain
i myself inflicted

- thoughts yesterday whilre riding a jeep and thinking of how awful i have been


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