9:01 AM Thursday, July 17, 2003


gosh, she's sooo young... she can't be 15 yet...

why isn't she properly trimmed? why leave a dark, dark tuft like that?

aren't they allowed to smile?

gee... they're like robots there

at least i know i dance better

wonder if rubbing their nether regions on the stage floor don't give them infections

will they stop with that boot stomping already... am being reminded of freaks in a circus!

yikes, last think i exepcted to see in a beerhouse are performing midgets.... euhhhh

gee.... i want that pair of undies...

wonder how i really look when i striptease for a man...

kainggit naman their skin....

wonder if my ass still look that good

shucks, she still hasn't hips.. her pelvic bone is still very prominent.. what's this.. 14 years old?

good thing my baby sister has more shape than these girls... and i'd hang her if she ever does something like this...

wonder how much they earn in a month

wonder if... my parents were poor and stuff.. would i have resorted to this kind of thing kaya...


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