2:49 PM Wednesday, July 30, 2003

You shall not look into my eyes again..
You shall not listen to my breathing
or hear me gasp, or hear me giggle
You shall never hold my hand anymore in public
And you shall never hold it, and then kiss it
And send butterflies in my stomach as you do so

You shall not have to bear my senseless ranting
You shall not have to listen to my gripes
You shall not sniff the vanilla scent I always wear
and tell me how you've been missing it so much
You shall not be embracing me anymore
You shall not be seducing me with your smile
You shall never be seduced again by mine either

You won't be seeing me cry again
You won't be seeing me at all
For even if our paths cross now
You'll just tell yourself
"There goes that girl
who wasn't meant for me after all.."

- ala ako magawa.... nalulungkot ako....


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