12:26 PM Thursday, July 03, 2003

Treated my cousin and sister to hair cuts... and as i watched my sister get hers, with all these pins and stuff on her hair... and as she was grinning at me... I thought again... she's really so cute... and i still really love her best....


My aunt (the sick one who i fretted over way before) texted my cousin Tin, asking her to support her sister who is in the throes of lost love.... My aunt even reminded my cousin that it's just natural for her children to be in love and to worry and that they're all just growing up...

Now, isn't she cool?

The cousin pining for her crush is 15 years old, by the way


Climbing season starts again for me soon... and i can't help but wonder... how many people who visit this blog... also visit my camping blog.... hehehehehe


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