8:57 AM Thursday, March 18, 2004

Found out that most of the gin consumption in the country is being consumed by the Bicol region. And around 80% of that is consumed by the women in said region.

An ugly fact I know (that is, that Bicol is the INCEST capital of the Philippines) makes me wonder, could that be the reason, huh, Bicolanas?


Because it was a boring stay in Masbate, watched cable all the time while I moped in my room. Law & Order's episode was about internet and pedophilia. I couldn't help but be bothered by Nick2shy's words... where he likened pedophilia to homosexuality, something that may be perceived as sick now, but is actually a normal thing for others... and even, a healthy, loving thing. (The program said that it was not based on a true story, but I don't have to conduct research to know that it is getting more rampant as I speak, after all, my once lawyer-stalker could download naked pre-pubescent boys and girls from the net, and this was back in 1999... who knows by just how much this sordid industry has grown?) I cannot help but cringe at the thought of there ever coming a time where sexual perversions such as that will be supported and upheld by the society.

Please God, people... let such a time never come.


The best about flying Asian Spirit is that, I really liked their magazine. I'm sorry, I planned to steal a copy off the plane going back, but I was spared from the shamefulness of the act by having a mother seated beside me, with a drooling baby I'd have to be comforting and shushing the whole flight back.


Beware of sinks at Sampaguita Hotel in Masbate... they have this way of detaching themselves from the wall and threatening to fall on your feet while you're brushing your teeth. And Masbate water is amoeba-infected.


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