8:44 AM Monday, March 01, 2004

our love is like water
pinned down and abused for being strange

our love is no other
than me alone for me all day
our love is like water/angels pinned down and abused

all over you, all over me
the sun, the fields, the sky
I've often tried to hold
the sea the sun, the fields, the tide
pay me now,
lay me down

I have driven several friends of mine mad looking for this song... see, it's hard when I don't sing well... and can't carry a tune... and was going by with "I LOVE YOU, LIKE CRAZY" (talk about super misheard lyrics!!!)

Anyway, spent Saturday with UMS barkada again... and we whiled away the night with the guys taking turns on the guitar while drinking, and all of us just singing favorite classics (yes, they sang that song for me).

Realized too that some 4 years ago, when I first met the same bunch of people... I high-handedly thought that i've never been with such an underachieving group. That time, they were either bums or gamers who pretend they go to school. But now, almost everybody's working in call centers, almost everyone has a partner, and talks of marriage couldn't help but infiltrate the conversations of fave bands and PS 2 games.

Am glad that though a lot of them are still undergrads, they have at least found goals and other reasons for being.


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