8:37 AM Monday, March 15, 2004

My Dad turned 58 yesterday. And I think he's a real happy man these days since he had a pig slaughtered just for his birthday (when he's normally not big on celebrations and unnecessary expenses). What more, he ordered some 4 gallons of "dirty ice cream" just for the kids (i will not post my pic distributing the ice cream anymore... ahihi). And he spent most of the afternoon away just carrying his grandkids around, esply Pyro, and being the proud grandfather that he is. I sooo love the man.


My aunt told my godson, Kyle that his first cousin Eisen looked exactly like his father (my cousin) did when he was young. While bathing Kyle, his Mom repeated the observation to the child. My nephew answered...

"Ibig sabihin Mommy, nung bata pa si Daddy, lagi rin sya nakanganga?"
("You mean Mom, when Dad was young, his mouth was always open too?")


Somebody give me the LOVE ACTUALLY soundtrack... waaaahhhh!!!!!


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