11:32 AM Monday, July 05, 2004

Weekend was relatively uneventful, quiet, relaxing...

It was also crazy since I started devouring my new Harry Potter books (first four books), something i've been curious about since 2000 when I first heard about it... something i've been meaning to buy when i've heard that most are already in paperback editions... something i've refused to read from digital copies being offered me (i dunno about you guys but i think digital copies and reading the endings first are sacrilegious acts)

I started friday night... and at 9:00 PM last night, I finished Goblet of Fire.

And having liked the movies, now I also LOVE the books... and am now a Harry Potter fan (actually, a Hermione, Weasley twins and Sirius Black fan).

And I cannot help but smile at the love that brought me said books.. am truly grateful for revisiting a childhood experience... just huddled up at home, losing hours in just reading quietly in some corner.


Mom is ok, albeit still a stubborn recuperating patient.


Last Friday, I made a sort of painful decision.

See, some 3 weeks ago, I bought two stuffed Nemos... one for my nephew and another for me. Of course, my nephew was destined to drool over both... even mine. I've gotten used to smiling whenever I look at my bed because Nemo would be there, smiling.

Anyway, my colleague has been looking for such for her 2-yr. old son since time immemorial. She's been teasing me about not buying her one (actually, i didn't know her son liked Nemo so much until I shared the news of my good buy).

Anyway, last Friday... i saw same colleague asking another colleague to print pictures of clown fishes. And of course, my heart broke that she's reduced to that.

And so, I told her, if she wants my Nemo... she can have it.

And so, I was sad last Friday... sad that i'd be saying goodbye to the stuffed toy that lights up my bed... and sad that I didn't make a child happy sooner.

Anyway, was able to detach myself from my Nemo... and I already have pictures for souvenirs (can't post any, no host). And today i've given up my Nemo to my friend, and she was so happy for her son and was so embarrassed that I'm parting with it... and of course, grateful and excited for her son...

And me... I'm excited for Miko too... hope I can see the delight in his face when he sees his new toy.

And my sister has warned me not to bring out my nephew's toy on his birthday, lest we cause other children to want and cry over it. (see, the only other Nemo i've found isn't as cuddly as the ones I bought...)


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