10:38 AM Tuesday, July 13, 2004

End of last week found me sick. And I had to drug myself heavily in order to attend our company's Anniversary Night and my spa date with friends.

Sunday found me, gasp! shock! attending Mass... and eating my way out of super fresh tuna sashimi and oysters.

Monday let me know that the Nemo sacrifice was well worth it... the recipient called to cry to Mommy and ask her why Nemo was wet and pinned on a clothesline.

Yesterday also found me with my last P500 and buying the 5th Harry Potter book. I read up to 1/3 of it, till around 3 am... and so, am looking all kinds of loony and feeling all kinds of restless (i knew it, i should have delayed my gratification till the weekend).

Still not speaking with my sister, and i've started dreaming about her.

Oh and yeah... Mr. JRA, thank you for the flowers last Thursday... and the sweet surprise that you always are.


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