5:08 PM Tuesday, July 20, 2004

St. Pancratius Chapel  
Sunday found me revisiting Paco Park...  yes, to attend Mass again. I was pleasantly surprised to see that the wedding we were all waiting to end was actually a golden wedding renewal of vows. Seeing the elderly couple march down that aisle cannot help but make me more hopeful of better things that I believe await me...   One also cannot help but pause and wonder how many storms couples like them have probably weathered... and one cannot help but wonder if he (in this case, i) is (in this case, am) made of the same mettle... and if he (in this case, i) will celebrate vows he (in this case, i) made 50 years ago with pomp and gratefulness...  
Surprisingly, the homily was really good. Gospel last Sunday was Jesus' visit to the sisters Mary and Martha. In elaboration of how people, especially Pinoys, get caught up in the spirit of hospitality for visitors, the priest told of how he once was traumatized to know that they were feasting on one of his pet chickens...   Which reminds me of how my friend Libet abhorred her own birthdays for a time... because her pet turkey was once served as her own birthday dinner... Imagine looking to feed your pet hours after having eaten him... and realizing he's gone, you've eaten him, it's your birthday, you have no more pet, and the adults in your life are just really soooo cruel... not to have told you of the sacrifice/abomination they were planning...  
*~*   Same priest, after an appeal to the people to not eat up his fingers, or offer their boobs when receiving Holy Communion, ended the Mass by sharing a prayer that I just really, really, really found beautiful...  
Dear Lord, your will
Nothing more, nothing less
Nothing else
Such surrender... :) 
(I was fuming mad about not getting my hands on this choco caramel cake... so i took revenge on this rocky road cake... heaven help me, a woman is just not supposed to eat half of a cake in one sitting!!!)


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