1:53 PM Friday, July 30, 2004

Just got back from lunch out with a friend. He gave me a dvd, a vcd and of course, WC...

Anyway, felt kinda teary when I opened the CD... it's so easy to like, burn songs into a CD nowadays... but I was touched with the effort nonetheless, and the utmost care in the selection of songs :)

More than that, I was touched with the lyrics sheet that came with the compilation...

Anyway, a post I made in MTC... How are you today?

TOUCHED... because a friend gave me some stuff he made just for me, because he loves me and supposedly because he considers me a really good friend

WORRIED... that same friend might not be as happy as I believe he can be, and that he'd continue with his self-fulfilling prophecies of alone-ness

HAPPY.... that am really loved by friends and that I have friends i really love...

GRATEFUL.... that after a while, i really learned that I can endure and that i really have worth

Thank you Jay... mwahhh!!!


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