12:22 PM Tuesday, August 10, 2004


First, I never really liked Sharon Cuneta, never liked her singing voice, the way she speaks, the way she hosts (I'm actually of the opinion that she's just a glorified version of Kris Aquino, and as fake too... for how can a self-respecting and really intelligent, discriminating woman LIKE everything and everyone?), the way she acts. But i've always commended her for righting a big-time wrong by at least holding out for another marriage and not slutting herself about, for not exactly parading her wealth around, for seeming to prioritize family over career (though it doesn't exactly seem like it, for she gets multi-million peso commercial deals even when pregnant and she keeps getting expensively magnificent goodbye and welcome back again shows) and for not being given to palengkera tendencies. She seemed decent and smart. She seems to have made really better and better choices.

But changing her daughter KC's surname from Concepcion to Pangilinan (effective last July 23, I think)? And simply because she wanted all her children's surnames to be the same? Ridiculous! And KC being of age shouldn't have allowed it. There's really no point in adopting her, she's of legal age already. Her dad is still very much alive and has provided for her at least one time in her life. They say Gabby wasn't even informed of the betrayal. And even if Sharon and Kiko were to argue that Gabby was a deadbeat dad who never gave enough emotional and financial support, he's still the biological father and he's always acknowledged KC to be his child (partly why I never found KC to be exceptionally pretty is beacuse it's her dad's face thru and thru!). If Sharon is still feeling vindictive, she should have just switched KC's surname to Cuneta and be done with Concepcion.

Charlene Gonzales kept her father's name even if the man she calls her father is that Bonin guy. But she respected her real father enough. I know it's pretty hard to be reasonable when you hate the father of your kid/s and you're already separated... but a parent shouldn't ever encourage hate from a child, for how else will she learn to forgive the imperfect and irresponsible parent? I don't know really, but this development doesn't feel right.

I wonder if this has allayed some of the stigma/pain for KC of her biological parents' separation.... or if this will really buy more votes for Kiko Pangilinan someday... or if it would make KC richer to have 3 named parents to someday inherit from... or if it really bought more confidence/esteem, peace of mind and respect for any of them.

Well, I just really hope it didn't just widen the gap separating father and child... and decreased the chances at forgiveness for the once married couple...

(a reaction to gossip discussed over lunch, heaven help me, I really am bored)


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