5:06 PM Monday, August 16, 2004

There was this guy who, upon finding out that I was experimenting with photography (on my body to boot), offered to take nude shots of me. And because nothing was particularly preoccupying me today, I started just browsing picture sites and came upon his site. I was mighty impressed with his nude shots of this woman... and people who commented on the pictures were equally engaged.

Now, if only I was not sporting love handles and unnecessary bulges (which would be lovely if they're Rennoir's paintings), I probably would have texted him immediately to do me next! That didn't sound right... but you know what I mean. I really don't know about other women but there's just something so empowering and liberating about posing nude, and seeing for yourself the slight swells and bends of your own body. There's always that symmetry only you can possess, a grace or posture that only you can effect... and an overall beauty that further affirms your inner strengths.

I will not pretend to NOT having an EXHIBITIONISTIC streak, but having always revelled secretly in how my skin feels... or how my butt is shaped ... or the perfect cup that are my breasts... I cannot feel thankful for cameras and timers.


I have that undie in red and pink too... dang, i love cherries!


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