11:29 AM Friday, August 06, 2004

Once, I took the drudgery of compiling all my written works, poems, articles, essays... and had them bound. I was fervent in my search of a picture of an old tomb in a decay-laden cemetery to complement the "book's" title whish was MEComposing, but alas, I was unlucky.

Still, I made 3 copies of the original and had them bound (at P100 each since I wanted the job done asap). On the first page of each were personalized letters... to 3 people who I feel have helped me define what things to stand for in this life. 2 of the compilations reached their intended recipient, I still have the last one. And I fear, it won't ever reach its destination.

Still, my purpose was accomplished... the act helped purge me of a lot of negative feelings, and it helped me say goodbye to really bad times.


Ralph Fiennes is playing Lord Voldemort in the next HP movie!!!! How I really wish they got Joseph Fiennes to play Mad Eye Moody... and with Gary Oldman there, it would have been perfect.

Still, who doesn't love Ralph? :)


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