3:52 PM Friday, August 27, 2004


1) Have at least 3 ex-bfs replace me with a common friend, all guys knowing how much I hate that.
2) Find the movie EXORCIST a tear-jerker (which also awakened a lot of perceived maternal fears)
3) Lose my new SIM card in a motel room because I had nothing better to do (my mate was exhausted and sleeping, as usual) and have the motel manager and 2 room boys dismantle the bed so I can get to my SIM.
4) Do this striptease act for a boyfriend, and ending it with supposedly turning the lights off as I join him in bed… and accidentally flicking the master switch (which turned off all other lights and the aircon), which then refused to work after, which resulted to me having to dress up again in the bathroom while room boys tried activating the master switch… and ending up having to transfer to another room.
5) Get scabbed knees and elbows, not because I was climbing mountains, but because I kept tripping (by myself) along major Manila streets, or falling off jeeps
6) Get caught naked (just after photographing myself in the nude, at that) by a chambermaid who didn’t even have the facility to notice that it’s a) seven in the morning, b) there was no “DIRTY ROOM, PLEASE CLEAN” sign on our doorknob and c) the TV was blaring the morning news loudly (or was it MTV?)
7) Bang the left side of my face on a headboard, because I suddenly turned to assist my lover who suddenly got cramps, in the middle of nookie, right before orgasm (everyone should see his expression tho… he was in pain but he couldn’t help laughing.. until I started crying).
8) Dream of big, fat, black rats biting/sucking my toes and find it erotic
9) Be excited with my first car ride with an intelligent, good-looking, good-natured guy (not that I was into him or anything but tickled pink just the same with the supposed promising situation), and then have the guy confide in me that he believes he's gay.
10) Be rushed into the emergency room from a freak accident while riding an FX. Twas freaky because we didn't hit any car or light post or turned turtle or whatever (in fact, car was fine and scartch-free), but I managed to hit my back (and keep this ugly gash mark in my back forever) on the support of the middle seat (for lack of a better description)
11) Be talking kinkily with a man on the phone, and get convinced to sleep with him, only to have him unavailable at that exact moment (which explains my almost-virginal status, because I seldom get casually willing again...). I swear, even with a boyfriend, it's sometimes such a hassle to schedule a kangfest.

i've actually thought of many other things that weirdly happened to me but forgot them all after seeing the Philippines unfairly deprived of a medal in taekwondo...


By the way, everyone, please include kiwipinay in your prayers... Thanx and Happy weekend...


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