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4:20 PM Thursday, September 01, 2005

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Can you say "OUCH!" ?

My trips to the allergologist at MaDocs has been mostly interesting... where else can you find a 74-year old allergologist who's had cancer for 17 years now and who is walking around with a Total IgE of 2,500 KU/L (the normal level is 25).

Yes, I know a lot about his allergies too... like how he can't even eat rice...

And yes, I was kinda baffled and wary before if he could really do something for me.

As it happened, I now know that my IgE is 125.

And because of the blasted skin test I took this afternoon, I now have a clearer view of what triggers my allergic rhinitis when I go to provinces.

In fact, I even had a mild throat and facial irritation because of the skin test.

Image hosted by Photobucket.comAnd now... my arms are still sore. Getting pricked (of sorts) 80 times isn't a nice way to spend an afternoon... by the time the assistant got near my wrist, I was already pinching myself and blowing at the skin nearest my elbow.

And it looks like these reactions to the allergens won't subside till later :(

Or will they be like ant bites and turn dark after?


Good thing the doctors (Immunologist and Allergologist) didn't dwell too much on the fact that I also have contact dermamtitis and convinced me to get patch tests. The medical expense is already killing me as it is!

It's enough to know that I can't wear fancy jewelry (even watches) and I have to stay clear of other metal (like belt buckles and hooks and even bag accessories) and I can't get another henna tattoo again (more so, a real tattoo... heck even get my hair dyed).

And i'd have to go back before I give birth someday... to determine what drugs may be used on me (since I get more intense angioedema from drugs).

Heck, i've had 3 visits there in 2 weeks... one more visit and i'd be establishing a peer group w/ the other patients already!


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