the first dance

12:08 PM Thursday, September 08, 2005

holding you close in my arms
my face nestled in your neck
breathing that sweet scent
i always seek and long for
i hum the song usually played
in debuts and coming out parties
when a girl is introduced
to society as a lady
and we danced and you just listened
just quietly holding my hand
in yours

and then i set you back
down on the floor
and you continued twirling around
now humming the song
i was singing before
and you looked up, beaming
and i knelt to hug you
full of pride at how easily
you master melodies
and yet filled with sadness somehow
for there's no turning back
our baby is now a little boy

and soon, there won't be Auntie Mec
around everyday
to bring you cake and donuts
and soon, I'd just have to ask
for updates and what you
are currently up to
of course, there will be no goodbyes
i just hope you remain
the sweet, non-temperamental child
i've helped raise
and i hope you'd be a good role model
to future siblings and cousins

and yes,
we loved you first.

Image hosted by our Pyro is two years and two months old.

Last night, when I arrived home ladden with groceries, he was the first to go over the plastic bags, exclaiming over the noodles and milk.

I wanted to try the Yakisoba Spicy Gambas and was cooking it, and here comes Py with my box of pantiliners... "Tita, luto na to, luto na to!" while trying to put the box on the stove top.


The other day, I was being overly noisy because we ran out of Nido Powdered Milk, and I was berating my sis for not having our Dad buy me some milk.

Then here comes a tug on my shorts, and Py sets his multi-layered milk container (you know that stackable one you fill w/ milk and bring along with you on trips?) on the dining table for me... and leaves.


The weird little tyke loved the Spicy Gambas noodles. He also loved Liswik


At last, a new template that am happy about :)

Meanwhile, i'm addicted to the PINOY AKO (by Orange n Lemons) song, been playing it all day. E-mail me for the mp3...bwahaha. But really, it's nice and easy to the ears.

Parang naglalambing sayo...


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