8:39 AM Friday, September 16, 2005

One of the abominations i've always had to deal with coming from a middle-income family that's residing in Manila is the fact that, when it rains hard, I have to deal with floods.

Yes, there are the mercenary sidecars waiting at the end of our street, eager to ferry pedestrians to their homes. But the fact that they charge preposterously high for the service offends me.

And there's that fact that even if I was spared from walking the length of our street to our home, I'd still have to dip my feet in flood waters in order to enter our compound.

Unless of course the sidecar driver would carry me.

And yes, we actually have boots at home and I could easily instruct our helper to fetch me and bring me boots. And she could wear boots too. But it's such a hassle to get someone else wet from the rain.

And what if she didn't wear boots, and didn't wash up well... she'd be another one contaminating the house with germs from floodwaters.

Because there are germs!

One upside of the heavy rains is that the humongous, cat-sized rats of our streets have been coming out of their burrows and hiding places, and getting accidentally run over by cars and pedicabs.

But the horrific downside is, you know their mangled, squashed bodies have been contaminating the flood waters.


(When I was younger, our canals weren't this dirty... and it was not this icky. And I can't help but really appreciate JRA for loving me so much, and suffering from several walks through flood himself, just to see me... he, who grew up in BFRV where he never had to deal with such...)


On a naughtier note, I can't help but remember when I was first dabbling in the arts of carnal pleasure.

Sure, it was fun and pleasurable and all kinds of non-regrettable.


I was amazed at how super WET i'd get... how I could literally WET the bed with my 'natural lubricant' (my PJ). It was horrible to see huge spots of wetness resulting to me and my partner contorting our bodies to avoid those dang wet spots while resting.

It always felt like I peed. Ugh.

And it took a long time before I was able to embrace that aspect of my sexuality, and even be grateful that I need not resort to using KY jellies and the like to ensure I won't get utterly sore after.

And I'd also like to thank the men who have shared my bed (all 437 of them... nyahaha, joke!) who didn't get turned off and who assured me in all the times I wasn't comfortable yet with my wetness.


I look forward to really enjoying my bed this weekend. Finally, I can sleep till 12 again!!!


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