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10:23 AM Monday, September 12, 2005

Of course, being Pinoy, i prayed hard that Manny Pacquiao will win. And he did!!! And I was envious of all the SM Cinemagoers who cheered together for him. Next time, i'd shell out the P200 for this communal gathering of supporters for someone who continues to give hope (if not entertainment) to the Filipino people.

Add the fact that i've always liked Manny for remaining a simple man...

And thank heavens he made sure to wear Darlington socks to the match! :D


I didn't text to vote for Franzen to stay (and what, invite all those unwanted text promos Smart sends to its subscribers and then automatically deducts from your load? They can deny this abusive marketing strategy all they want but they can never fool me!) but I was really hoping he would.

And if the stats ABS-CBN showed were true... 79% of the voters voted for him to stay!!!

And yes, am a Pinoy Big Brother fan .

It's just fun to see non-actors entertain you with the superficialities of their lives highlighted and made harder by the fact that they have to live with 11 other strangers in the same house (as opposed to new/current faces posing as 'actors' and 'talented people' giving you mediocre performances and challenging your 'stupidity' tolerance). It's also entertaining to see how typical girls act like typical girls... and how typical boys react typically. La lang.

And yes, they generally don't appear intelligent... but I think it's stupid to assume that they all lack depth too.

My fave is Nene because she's weird. And last nomination round, she alone cast the intelligent vote.

But going back to Franzen, I really hope that this guy, who, so far has remained nice and kind enough, will win in the end.

Am sure he's not milking his poverty and abusing the Filipino's kindness... he IS poor.

And I trust media people to give him offers, even just for sidekick stints, once he leaves the house.

And yes, it was nice somehow to be validated that the Filipino people will come to the rescue of the poor, downtrodden, disadvantaged guy.


Am not a fan, but of course am hoping MiG Ayesa will win at the Rockstar: INXS contest.

Love his version of "baby i love your way" with Jordis and Marty (his solo version didn't interest me much because i think it's only queen who should be wailing in their songs).



By the way, hindi lang ako ang delisyus!!!


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