Christmas prayers and wish list

9:01 AM Wednesday, December 07, 2005

Image hosted by Photobucket.comNot sure if i've already shared it here... how it's LEGEND to my Dad how, when I was younger and we attended Mass, I dipped my hand on the usual bowl of Holy Water, and proceeded to make the sign of the Cross on the angel statue holding the bowl.

Dad tells that story every chance he gets. I think he found me uber cute that time.


First of all, am saying a prayer for a certain Veluz Family... who lost a 2-month old child last Monday.

The child is my bestfriend's pamangkin... not even sure if it's a girl or boy. My friend doesn't talk much.

I feel so bad for him/them... esply since i've been asking my friend to pray for MY nephew... tas sya yung mawawalan ng pamangkin.

I hope, they can still find a reason to feel blessed this Christmas.


There is going to be a World Pyro Olympics you guys might want to check out with your families.

Last Monday, there were fireworks at the Closing Ceremonies of the SEA games. I thought of Py... how he'd love to see all those lights lighting up the sky. And then I learn of this event. Needless to say, I got depressed.

Still, i'm looking forward to this Christmas with my family. Not only is it a last Christmas of so many possibilities, both welcome and not, but also a Holiday that will complete my family again... now I can count on sotanghon and hot chocolate again, for Noche Buena. Last April, I didn't know who to spend Christmas with. Heaven was kind, He sent us back all those who migrated to the US... and we're all still alive (pwera bati).


Aside from wishing for a hassle-free and happy wedding and reception, I can't really come up with other things for a wish list.

But ok... a digicam upgrade is top on the list. My digicam has been officially broken for weeks now, and I dread not having it fixed by the time Christmas comes around.

Still, the plan is to get myself a new digicam to replace my original baby with... only, am having one heck of a trouble choosing what i'd get to replace it with.

I want to feel the upgrade... so more megapixels please! Before I was bent on a Rebel XT... but I figured I can't really be carting it with me all the time since it's both heavy and bulky.

So I said, something more compact this time. But the Canon S80's batteries leave MUCH to be desired... for me at least, who is used to shooting like crazy. That, and the fact that its pictures tend to be overexposed sometimes.

Am actually in love with Canon S2 IS... but it's bulkier and heavier than my present cam! Gosh, without batteries, it weighs about 400 gms. already! It's only 5 megapixels but its packed with power, and has 12x optical zoom. And it uses rechargeable Nimh batteries... like the ones am currently using! It can shoot up to 500 pics with the LCD on before running out of battery charge (comapred to s80's 200 shots).

Yes, yes... obviously the chances of getting the bigger cam is more likely, hehe. They cost the same too.

And yes, i've tried checking the reviews on other brands... but I can't seem to get excited about them. I think, for me, Canon will always ROCK where digital cams are concerned!

Now... what other things would I like? Gift certificates to spas would be nice. And the Calvin and Hobbes complete collection (gosh, it costs P7k ata).

The generic new shoes, bags and clothes, I guess...

Oh...i'd love trips... not sure if i'd have a honeymoon but i'd love to have trips!

I'd also wanna be rid of my allergies, but that would be too much to ask, I guess...

I'd also love MORE of that TORTA DE LOS REYES sans rival cake from Aristocrat... a new discovery (JRA is to blame) that got me hooked. It's chilled/frozen for best effect... and the alternating chocolate ganache-like icing, and the cream-icing.... ahhhh... ecstasies are made of them, I swear!

They melt in your mouth, teasing you with just enough sweetness... sigh, ansarap talaga!

Oh, i'd love to have swarovski necklace and super dangly earrings... to wear with my wedding gown.

And an oven so I can learn to bake... but that would be pretty scary for my loved ones since they'd be scared I'd start a fire :D

Santa Claus, I believed in you before... so please deliver NOW! :p


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