come my wedding day...

9:01 AM Friday, December 09, 2005

... i'd know who among my friends would really take the time and effort to celebrate with me.

and i'd realize again which people are really in my life, eventhough i don't regularly connect with them...

Just last week, I was panicking and filled with anxiety... but a call from one of my closest friends was healing... helpful... soothing.

We talked as if it wasn't a year or so since we last saw each other, or talked to each other. So, I told her, "bestfriend talaga kita, it's like we just made chikahan yesterday"

We knew where each other were coming from.

We were finishing each other's sentences.

And come my wedding day, I know she's among the few who won't make paimportante and gripe about this and that, like being served last or not getting a giveaway.

In fact, she'd be among the few who'd help out... who'd greet my parents with familiarity and good wishes... who'd say a silent prayer IF they see Pyro about... who'd laugh at how I used to be, wacky and demented and ridden with commitment issues.

I missed you Libet. And am glad I can comfort Allee these days. And Icel will be bringing her hubby along. And hopefully, Lota still lives where they used to. And more hopefully, Fuz will attend and join the photo ops... for once.

There will be no chikahan talaga on my wedding day.

But I want to reconnect with my best friends. I think it's also the perfect time to have them all with me.


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