having Mom around again...

11:14 PM Sunday, December 11, 2005

... is like being a child again.

My cousin is a great cook... but nothing will ever beat Mom's cooking. Arroz caldo for breakfast today was divine...

She lost a lot of weight. I look chubby if put side by side with her. She has complaints about her caregiving stint in the US but she also looks really happy. She loves all the people she's been taking care of (even if they're depriving her of mealtimes). Then again, she's one of those who seemed to have been borne to nurse and give care. Her charges are people who used to hold high positions (at NASA and in hospitals) who suffered from illnesses that reduced them to a state of second-childhood at the prime of their lives.

Anyway, because she has her earnings in the US and retirement pay for 30 or so years in the government service backing her up... she took us grocery shopping and my sis and I were like pakawala bilmokos :D Mom has been offering also to buy me this and that appliance :)

Anyway, here's looking forward to more of her cooking... more of her nurturing kakulitan to Py... her child-like shyness about small favors done for her...

Missed you, Mom!


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