of deaths and rebirths

3:35 PM Monday, April 17, 2006

Married for almost 5 years now, Angie and Mike are getting ready to move into their home... a home that cost them their life savings (so far) and some Pag-Ibig Loans, but a home that's theirs nonetheless... a home where they hope to raise their son (who is turning 4 years old) and maybe another child (they're shooting for next year)...

And then suddenly, Mike is taken away from all these plans and dreams by a heart attack at age 46.


Yesterday was Easter Sunday... a celebration of the day when Jesus lived again. How ironic it must be for my friend (colleague) to have her husband die while the world is celebrating the miracle that made Jesus God.

I can also only just imagine her shaken sense of security... and the questions in her mind right now. What happens after this? How do I raise my son alone? How do I deal with the payments? Do I even live in what should have been our home? What do I do with the car? How will this loss affect my child? What if something also happens to me?

Fears... insecurities... the edge of sanity and reason...


The news was a SAD way to start this week... I only hope God blesses my friend with some peace so she can rest enough to deal with the grief, the loss, the ensuing trials ahead... I know she has friends and family she can lean on... I know she'd be alright... but she doesn't know that yet, right now...


Please offer a silent prayer for MICHAEL LLOSE.


Meanwhile, spent some time with the other babies of my life.

Mat Cork, Striped Tag, Elements string, rivet and wireheart (i dunno who to credit them with), Die Cut Alpha and Slalo font

LG Free Spirit Kit, Angelina and Calvin n Hobbes font

But of course, am sorely missing Py.


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