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2:35 PM Monday, April 10, 2006

I started my weekend by taking my clothes off in some dark, air-conditioned room with slow music playing in the background...

Yes, I got a massage. And I got Edith again and had a really wonderful time sleeping while her hands did wonders to my bod. She's not as perfect as Gloria was, nor as good as the blind girl who massaged me in CDO, but I wouldn't mind being her regular customer. And all this time that i've been a patron of the Blind Massage Salon at Rob Place, it was the first time last Saturday that I let oil be applied to me (actually Edith forgot to ask, for i'd really prefer a dry massage). The peppermint-y scent was nice... if only it's not summer, i'd ask for oil again!

For P350 (plus tip), it wasn't a bad way to start my weekend :)

Saturday found me and hubby with nothing to do. We ended with a new baby instead: a new personal computer! It seems surreal that my other baby (digicam) cost more than this new purchase (by around P7-8k) since the digicam is so small compared to something that occupies the entire table we use for dining (so yes, we don't have a dining table anymore).

I found out that it takes longer to format a bigger hard disk (ahehehe, despite the techie stuff we own, am really uber techie-challenged) and felt guilty that I couldn't really do anything to help hubby. But he managed to finish all the basic installations... just so I can start digiscrapping using Photoshop CS.

We were up till 4 am (Sunday), me just digiscrapping... while he's reading up on Avaya stuff in his laptop.

Friendship Buttons, Mrs. Schmuck - Sweet Chlose metal flowers, NRJ Sunnydaze Tag, LG Free Spirit Flowers & Stitch, TCO In Between Days - Ribbon, Sweet Sprinkles by Shabby Princess - Gellin Dots and Quill Font

Hubby also found me this tutorial video that had me amazed at all the little things you can do with Photoshop. Am not so brave yet to try them (esply since they'd require certain pictures) but am really having fun! I've been battling with my inherent preference to let a picture speak for itself so it's taking me awhile to let go and just embellish, embellish, embellish!

(maybe hubby's very supportive not only because he loves me, but because he knows I can't return to mountaineering in the near future because of our babymaking plans)

Of course, Sunday is CSI replays. Cousin gave me a massage while we all watched that black guy in CSI:NY channel Horatio's cockiness and Grissom's genius.

Then of course, since we haven't gone on a date for a long time now... hubby and I decided to treat ourselves to Seaside (Macapagal). Because there were only two highly-recommended restos there, we settled for G-Squared (because Aling Tonya's was jampacked) and kept to simple fares because there were only two of us. Still, we definitely enjoyed the following:

Image hosting by Photobucket
Chopped tomatoes, seasoned with soy sauce and calamansi

Image hosting by Photobucket
Grilled tuna belly (not sure if a kilo of tuna belly cost P180, grilling it cost P100)

Image hosting by Photobucket
Crabs and Shrimps in sweet-chili sauce (although I think it's more like garlic-chili, considering all the garlic in it! anyway, crabs cost P200/kilo, shrimps cost P350/kilo, and having them cooked cost P150/kilo)

Talk about filled to bursting! Actually we only consumed half of the tuna, and half of the crabs n shrimps combo. (even shared the crabs and shrimps with my colleagues at lunch today).

Juice at G-Squared was P40 (more than 100% mark-up huh!) and they had this ice cream station at Seaside that offers desserts for the entire seafood area... one offering was this large scoop of vanilla ice cream surrounded by leche flan which cost P75. They also had a band there entertaining the seafood lovers.

Image hosting by Photobucket Image hosting by Photobucket

Taxis are abundant... vendors CAN be real noisy... but it's far cleaner and less chaotic than Dampa Libis and Sucat (?) or Seaside Baclaran. And they even had tanks for some fishes and seafood. I was absolutely drooling over oysters (even if I don't like how they taste anymore... which is weird because I could eat 2 kilos of them all by myself) and freshly prepared tuna sashimi. But again, in case I was preggy, I mustered all the self-discipline I possess to turn a blind eye to all the tuna sashimi being offered us.

Not that the food we bought weren't fresh and succulent enough, for they were! Eating the tuna belly was like eating the tenderest of pork... it was that meaty! And the shrimps and crabs are all meaty and gummy and juicy. Crabs are transported from Bataan. And ok, i'd stop raving about them now (goodnes, i've just eaten lunch!)

What's more, I had a whole pint of coffee crumble ice cream for dessert last night. Only, we were so full we dared not sleep till past 2 am.

Going home from Seaside, my hubby teased me about not being any different from Kobe beef (cows with special diet and only drink sake, and get massaged everyday... which is why they're ultra tender and tast... and dang expensive!).

Hay.... :)

BTW... I caught Kung Fu Hustle at AXN... first time I saw it... and I soooo loved it!!!!

How did your weekend go?


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