karmic retribution at its finest

6:35 PM Thursday, April 06, 2006

or so it feels right now. But warning guys, REALLY MALICIOUS POST AHEAD!

I was busy working when it occurred to me to check my YM for msgs (since I seldom log on anymore). True enough, friends readily invited me to conferences and gave me updates on what's going on in their lives right now.

A girl friend asked me, "Mec, gusto mo sumaya?"

:D To cut the story short, someone shared with her a really REVEALING PIC of someone we know... and she shared it with me.

See, the message board WildGimmick.com (i can't seem to find the correct url), an offshoot of MyGimmick.com (which I used to even help moderate), would usually arrange for this EB-sort of thing that's exclusive for guys. Guys pay upfront a certain fee to cover food, suite and girls-for-hire. The guys would usually say that it's tame... but actually it's not. Not all guys who attend get in on the action... but it can get quite raunchy in there. Think nudity and pubes everywhere, with the hired girls servicing one or two or all at the same time.

The real pathetic thing about such gatherings is that...the men forget that there are other people there who have these digicams... talk about being caught in an... err... compromising situation. Hehe. I dunno, they must be in some macho high, being naked and getting his pecker sucked and what-not. But stupid just the same.

So now, I have this picture in my inbox.

At first, I didn't want to see the pic... I mean, why would I wanna see the d!ck of the guy my former friend chose over her friendship with me, diba? But my girl friend seemed to be laughing in pure mirth and raving about how SMALL the guy's d!ck was. I caved in... and had her send me the pic.

And I sh!t you not... instead of feeling violated by the indecent act (imagine going butt naked in front of people, most of whom are strangers, and having some hired stranger suck or do you in front of all these people) and the fact that this naked guy never turned me on (plus he's my friend's bf... it's like a weird form of incest)... I WAS AMAZED instead by how I could see NOTHING except his untrimmed pubes!

It was that small!

I mean... I never had to squint to see Pyro's little wiener when he's taking a piss... but this guy, ahhh, it's like his pecker didn't have a body... only a head. So there's this brown hubcap-looking (ok, I actually used 'half a chico' to describe it to some people) entangled with his pubes and that's it. Or a mushroom head. Or some really brown PIGSA. Or some unpopped blister.

Gosh. Who knew that one of the men I really hate the most would be the epitome of "d!ck smaller than my pinky finger"... and to top it all... he's over 6 feet tall with the build of a basketball player. Bwahahahaha.

Karmic retribution is good! Life knew I could never really have him killed for being such a jerk to my friend, and for making me look like a liar... which is why Life sent me a picture that explains why he is a jerk. Truly, WALANG GAMOT SA INSECURE!!!

And to think, when the one he had a one-night stand with told me his was small... I was gracious enough to suppose that maybe he's just average-sized, which would look small indeed given his height.

Pero nde... DYUTAY talaga!

And then, it occurs to me to pity my friend. Awww... is this the pecker she gave up her virginity for? Is this the pecker she's willing to lose friends over and spend an eternity happy-fying? Should I get someone to proposition her...or at least, flash her... so she'd know that the man she so believes and defends is shortchanging her in more ways than she's ever known?

Maybe the guy is why she doesn't believe in anything good anymore... for how can there be a heaven with a d!ck so ... uhm... not there? :D

Hay naku... I was just really so weirdly elated with the pic, I even thought to forward it to the girl... just so she'd realize what her man does when he's lying to her.

Yes, such spite! I just really hate this jerk. Bwahahaha. Ngayon nya ako i-msg at sabihan na "galingan ko pagsisinungaling ko". Bwahahahaha.



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