a proposition (tee-hee)

10:35 AM Thursday, April 20, 2006

Below is an e-mail I got:

hi ms delicious. I like to go out with you. I'm ______ from antipolo, 35, fit, neat, goodlooking, in heat, friendly, & game. I'm quite interested in experiencing your company in private. Hope you can spare some time. You look extremely gorgeous and seductive in bed. my cell # is 0920*5*8*47. I'd like to know how to contact you by phone too. Stay wet & sexy. Smile always Ü

He sent that using his company e-mail, with the usual sgnature of his complete name, exact office address and department, designation, and contact numbers.

I replied with this :)

Technically, a man can never be IN HEAT because that phrase actually refers to a woman's fertile phase during her menstrual cycle :) HORNY or ADVENTUROUS are more appropriate words, I believe :)

And I don't have any idea how you can say I look gorgeous and seductive IN BED when we obviously haven't met... and I can bet my bottom dollar that you don't know anyone I've slept with (who also happened to take lurid pictures and video which he/they showed you)...

I'd also like you to know that i've never been one for hooking up with strangers, no matter how liberated I may come across... or what you may have heard.

Still, I guess I should be grateful for the interest... because it suggests something about me was interesting. Thank you. And may you have better luck hooking up with someone else.


E-telecare is one of the clients of the company my husband works for as Sr. Technical Manager.


On another note, it's been 28 days since my last period, and am still period-less today. The usual indications that a period is coming also haven't manifested... but am giving myself 10 or more blood-free days before whipping out a Home Pregnancy Test Kit. Meanhwile, it sucks not to be able to take anything for my allergies and colds... I know it's safe to take some (paracetamol, decongestant, even antibiotics when necessary) but of course I don't want to risk it (just in case I am infanticipating and being so might wreak more havoc with my immune system and further exaggerate my allergies to drugs).

Sigh. The possible beginning of the many sacrifices a woman makes (read: a mother's love).

My head aches. *Ouch*


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