the creation myths

12:14 AM Tuesday, August 08, 2006

In lieu of bingeing on food, I decided to return to reading.

The Creation Myths by Clare Brown was a book I decided to purchase when I couldn't find the original book I wanted. And dare I say, it's really a very well-written book!

Of course, am fascinated lately by British writing. Something about the dry humor, even in the most painful or awkward of circumstance appeals to me. And Clare Brown was able to capture in this book all the myths we sometimes cloak ourselves in, to justify the self-serving things we do... our betrayal of loved ones, our betrayal of our vows, our betrayal of our self-respect.

Clare Brown discussed passion and sexuality and love and happiness in the midst of the conception and birth of seven babies. After reading the book, I actually wondered when they'd make a movie of it because it has the clear magic of LOVE ACTUALLY where all characters converge in one area... but then, a movie won't be able to capture the thoughts and real motivations of the characters...

One of which is Tom... a basically average-looking guy who is brilliant enough to be a published author many times over... who have mastered the art of seducing women into believing that he's this trapped soul and they're his only line to reality and all that's good and sane and wonderful. Ok, supposedly he's also great in bed too. But really, he was just a typical guy basking in a false sense of reality he's created for himself... he's a coward who didn't like making choices, didn't like making commitments, didn't like taking responsibilities. And he ends up unhappy, despite the literary accomplishments. And I know a lot of guys like him.

Another character is Cressida... a woman who's blessed with a good enough life... a fairly ok upbringing, intact family, a wonderful career, a loving and devoted husband, great kids... who finds herself willing to throw all those things away for Tom... insisting to the end that what they have is love... even after realizing that this guy will forever lie to her... that he's not a good man... and will never be a good man.


Anyway, last Sunday was spent in a reunion for my father's side of the family. How I love that family, with all its imperfections... how it has helped create me, my thoughts, my motivations, my dreams, my values.

And I was both amused and bemused that our family's youngest generation, our nieces and nephews, are being created by us.


The book I read before this was "The Madness of a Seduced Woman" and it was also a beautifully-written book that made me totally abhor the heroine... hate her and her growing madness... and feel all the dazed resignation of everyone when some things have been greater than you are from the start... This one is lyrical while Creation Myths was more direct and conversational.


Unfortunately for my wallet, Powerbooks is having a sale. Bought three expensive books at 20% off (any book exceeding P300 is expensive for me... I mean, come on, why are they sooo expensive?) aside from the two books I bought at Booksale.

One of the books I bought tonight is "Babyville" by Jane Green. :) I also bought "My Legendary Girlfriend", touted as the male Bridget Jones' Diary.


Now i'm torn between playing with my new BOP IT toy or reading...


For a more titillating read, may I please interest you with my sexual sentimentality?


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