on f*ck buddies

10:32 AM Thursday, August 10, 2006

This entry is already really long due.

Anyway, the name implies a friend that you engage in carnal activities with. And though it's true, what with the relationships right now becoming more and more complicated (or more and more basic, depends on how you really look at it), few set-ups actually involve a guy or girl friend who you run to because your family was sh!tty, and work sucked, and the one you're in love with is giving you problems. Few set-ups actually call for long conversations through the night about life and love, and plans and dreams, and secret and not-so-secret heartaches.

Fubus are usually people who aren't really friends... and don't really hang out... or who may hang out but don't really date... because there is a love interest, or a committed relationship somewhere, in some parallel universe.

So, for all intents and purposes, they're people who don't hate each other and who sleep together. And I don't even mean regularly (as in every week) because there are set-ups where they do it everytime one person is attending to some business in that area... so it could be every 2 years or so, who truly knows?

But yes, there are those who sleep regularly... making it a meantime relationship where, at the end of the week, after putting up with all the crap one does in order to live, there will be that nubile (or at least willing) body to look forward to...

Or... after putting up with the routine of being a husband to a busy wife, and a father to demanding kids... there will be that woman who would be giving much, without asking a lot of questions.

Or... after putting up with a husband who's emotionally absent... or abusive... there will be that secret tryst to keep some woman from going totally insane.

Of course, love isn't in the equation. Emotional attachments, though an inevitable probability for those who are in it, are still not exactly welcome.

And to avoid that, friends say that one should always have a Plan A and B... and not to sleep with both regularly. But of course, Plan A and B dont necessarily have to know that...

A former fubu of mine got really attached with me. It got quite ugly in the end... because his attachment ruined the set-up for both of us.

And now, I cannot help but sigh that a friend is bewailing the fact that guys she's sleeping with aren't turning her into their girlfriend... how they want love and sex, but separately given.

Because I was once like that... giving my body to someone else, while having my heart suspended in a romantic hopefulness that wouldn't be so readily rewarded.

Ah well, the things we sometimes find ourselves in... in the process of finding ourselves.


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