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9:59 PM Tuesday, August 15, 2006

... and how I wish I was referring to chatting. As it is, i'm exhibiting psychosomatic reactions to our 3-day Conference (Wed-Fri), which I arranged, and which fills me with so much stress right now... knowing how demanding and unreasonable and self-absorbed some of the participants can be...



Anyway, met blogger Ghee last Friday. It's really amazing how strangers can get so excited over each other... and how we feel familiar and intimate with each other just because we've been visiting each other's blogs. The meeting was made all the more amazing because Ghee came with a friend she hasn't really bonded for 25 years (they were classmates in elementary). Edwin regaled us with so many stories about his 2-year stint in Saudi (all the sexual propositions, how he maneuvered himself from such situations, witnessing a beheading, handling colleagues' jokes about how their penises are bigger than those of Pinoys, etc). We separated at past 2 AM, enjoying our time at Merck's... where we agreed to meet again this coming Saturday for this:

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Other bloggers who wish to join can just send an e-mail my way (but i'll be checking mails Fri pa ulit).


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