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10:04 AM Tuesday, August 22, 2006

Because government corporations are still supposed to observe austerity measures, but holding a Conference within the office premises defeat the assembly's purpose by virtue of participants getting distracted by clamors for their signatures, brief meetings/consultations etc., we've decided to look for a cheap venue outside of Manila.

I found Rockpoint Hotel Spa and Conference Center over the internet and found it a nice place (if slightly cramped, esply since we've been regular clients of Fontana Resort before with its vast lawns and villas). It also offered the cheapest Conference package so it ended up being our venue.

Anyway, I have nothing but good thoughts about the place. The waiters were courteous and attentive. The food was not 5-star hotel great but tasted like fine, homecooked meals. The facilities were clean, there was cable TV (sans remote tho) in all the rooms (even the dorm-type ones) and except for the dorm-type ones, all had square bathtubs. Truly perfect for a fuss-free conference, or a family weekend affair. They also have contacts in case you want a massage.

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I was told that they're building a branch just in front of Villa escudero in Quezon, this one really sporting a Spa of its own, with wider spaces and better facilities. Of course, it will no longer boast of hot springs water filling its bathtubs and pools. Operational by January 2007.


Got back from the Conference last Friday... and immediately sneezed my way into the weekend.

Who remembers how many different types of antihistamines i've had to take?


Met with blogger Ghee again and her friend Edwin at Seaside-Macapagal last Saturday with my husband, sister and cousin in tow.

We ate at Aling Tonya's... and had the following:
Kilawing Tuna
Guinataang Tanigue
Grilled Tuna Belly
Crabs in Sweet Chili Sauce
Shrimp Tempura
Sizzling Squid

The conversation was good, Ghee's friend was gross as usual, and they all marvelled at how much I ate. Ahehe.

After eating for some 3 hours, we headed to White Bird. It's just pure love for me (and the fact that Edwin loved his childhood friend Ghee and came along, and was used to accompanying his former female boss to similar places) that my husband joined us inside.

My sister had a blast! Well, at first, she felt pity for the dancing, gridning guys but it took her soon enough to get past all that and just enjoy the show. She even got mildly miffed that someone else 'tabled' the one she was eyeing (she was begging me to allow her to table someone and to take the money off her allowance... I would have obliged if only I wasn't weirded by the fact that hubby was there... not that he'd challenge it, it was just weird).

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Honestly, it got quite boring to see guys go on and off the stage because it's generally the same dance moves, and the same bodies, and the same bananas. But of course, something has to be said for their smooth, relatively flawless skin... and golly, how some can move was just simply amazing... and err... they were really wonderfully endowed :) One was even sporting 'humps' (silicone embellishments to a c0ck that gives the feel of a double head, or something). And Ghee attracted them enough to have at least 2 of them dance in front of us... so close that again, I was weirded out by the fact that my hubby was sitting beside me.

Oh, and their masahistas were great! I swear am not just saying all these things because am friends with the daughter of the owner... but really, the masseurs knew their stuff. They were also mostly gays and were chaka-looking. Got some 15 minutes of pure touch therapy (gave the guy P200... but their 'fees' start at P100 naman, I was feeling generous lang, ahehe) while again feeling weird that hubby was there. He teased me about how he could see the worry in my eyes that he'd mind... howell, i'm married to one cool guy, I tell you.

Table-ing (for lack of a better term) a guy will cost P400 for one hour (the guy will be entitled to one drink).

The light show triggered my sister's migraine... and we went home hearing retching noises.


Cried Sunday when I said goodbye to my fave, fave aunt from my father's side... since they'd be migrating to the US too. I'm sure gonna miss Kakang Indeng's fussy attention and her cooking.


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