This is such a cheap thrill and I really am so bad, but i absolutely enjoy listening to Mo Twister, Mojojo and Andi-9 at Magic 89.9 Mondays-Thursdays (around 7 AM to 10 am, i think)... especially their Forbidden Questions segment that happens every Wednesdays.

Last week had Borgy Manotoc answering the 40 usually controvery-resulting questions (actually, it only becomes controversial because celebrities are asked about who they think are plastic, who they think had plastic surgeries and didn't admit it, which shows they don't care for in their home networks, who they think are gay, etc). And may I just say that i've always acknowledged how good-looking he is (you know, not handsome in a pretty way, tall, lean, with those luscious lips) but never really cared for him... but listening to him and hearing him sound really cool and smart and funny (and by golly, his voice is just made for the bedroom!)... now am one of those who wouldn't mind sleeping with him given a chance! Lolz... but really, he's delicious in ways I think Troy Montero will never be.

Anyway, one of the questions asked Borgy was to name 3 celebrities he's slept with. He named Lana Asanin and Victoria London (2 girls I really don't know) and (seemingly) sheepishly whispering Vina Morales' name. Mojo Jojo said he (Borgy) was blushing indeed because it was an absolute shocker! They were all laughing there and such.

And I absolutely felt admiration for Vina for the first time.

And now, Vina's been adamantly denying it... and demanding for an apology (i think even dragging that Borgy apologize also to Pops Fernandez for saying that she's one of the celebs who's gone under the knife and hasn't admitted it)... and threatening to sue. I didn't watch her interview at The Buzz but my sis said she was absolutely shaking.

Here comes the bad me... I know how terrible it is to have some guy say he's slept with you. I know how very offensive and demeaning and embarassing that can be. I went through that at least twice and it was really, really damnening.

But... I actually believe Borgy.

First, because if one listened to his interview, you'd get how unpretentious he really is.

Second, he was the first to be embarrassed by the fact.

Third, he's yummy... and has nothing to gain by dragging Vina's name.

Fourth, yes, there are people like me who believe it was actually a plus ganda points to Vina.

Fifth, Vina Morales has never been known for her virtue and keeping her legs closed to men. Honestly.

And I actually wouldn't be blogging about this if it hasn't dragged on and on... and people like Cristy Fermin didn't get involved (she had the gall to say Borgy lacked breeding... this coming from a person who's earning from fanning gossip). And ok, I can't exactly frame my other thoughts into coherent... stuff.



A friend gave birth to a beautiful girl 2 days ago. I also attended a christening 2 days ago. Hay. I am so inggit!


I never saw an episode before... but someone gave my hubs e-copies of the episodes of DESPERATE HOUSEWIVES and we decided to watch the,

And now am hooked (am on the 21st episode of Season 1, i think).

I knew it was about housewives but didn't think it was so dark and tragic and really wonderfully written. So now I alternate it with my Friends marathon.

JRA asked which of the couples there we most resemble... and I guess it'd have to be Lynette's. And I realized that I have Lynette's strong sense of right and self-sacrifice, Susan's clumsiness and Gabrielle's horniness... but I cannot identify with Mrs. Van de Kamp. And I really pray i'd never have a kid like hers... because how do you deal with a person without a conscience?

So yeah... I was unproductive over the weekend. :D


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