this is so pathetic but...

1:31 PM Friday, December 08, 2006

I am on pins and needles... in a good way... about my dancing gimik tomorrow night with a friend.

I miss dancing. I miss being out. I miss dressing up. I miss healthy male attention (from other men). I miss the girl talk. I miss the powder room. I miss having a social life.

Last year... I stopped going on gimiks because I was attending to family and my wedding. The people I go on gimiks with also got busy... finding partners, losing loved ones, getting new jobs, etc. So I didn't feel left out because there were a lot going on in my life. I also got to bond with fellow future-brides (then) and we'd be attending wedding fairs together and what-nots.

Early this year, it also felt natural for me to stay home and enjoy my new home... and my husband. Having my own TV also meant I could reach the apex of my couch potato-ness, so I was rushing home just to watch the Food Network...

But everything settled down and my hubby settled into a weekly gimik with his colleagues... leaving me alone at home most Friday nights and some Saturday nights as well.

Could you spell E-N-V-Y?

I don't begrudge hubs his night outs with the boys... because I was the one who believed that we need the time apart to keep our relationship healthy.

But I was left with no girl friends to hang out with. Most of my social life happen over the internet... chatting and exchanging e-mails... but I was not meeting friends in person.

That felt bad. Sad.

I have a lot of friends... but none of them were ever the type to really meet up. I usually just meet friends once a year, in some before-Christmas gathering, or some other celebration. Arranging to meet monthly over dinner... causes too much hassle and eats up too much of my cellphone load.

So i've given up.

My last bit of hope is Mari... and she had to suddenly work nights. Lolz.

And that time we went to Decades several months ago... we were disappointed because the place played RnB at around 2:00 AM, when we were both already bummed out.

But tomorrow night... I meet some of my Boondocker friends and their kids... and will go dancing with a girlfriend.

May I sweat and grind and bump and shake and jiggy and everything else...and have so much fun to make up for all the months I stayed home!!!

And next weekend, apart from attending a wedding... i'd also be hanging out with girl friends at White Bird.

can't wait... can't wait...


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